Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The road show

When God called Moses to be the leader of Israel and to face the King of Egypt, he resisted. One excuse Moses used, to convince God not to use him, was: "I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.”

I've been back at work from maternity leave for three and a half months now - I'm on a new team with a new manager. The first task I was given in my position was to develop a powerpoint presentation. Once it was developed, I was told I would present it (I thought I was making it for my manager to present). What began as one presentation to my colleagues quickly expanded to numerous audiences - soon six were scheduled and more were being planned. My manager began referring jokingly to the presentation as "The Road Show". She didn't know how nervous I was about public speaking or how big a thing it was to me. The week leading up to my first presentation, I felt sick to my stomach every time I thought about it. I practiced it about fifty times. I didn't sleep the night before.

Now that I have six of the presentations behind me, I prepare by reading through the material once and I don't feel nervous until about five minutes before I have to start speaking. I can see that this has been good for me.

It's pretty much a guarantee in life that new things will be uncomfortable and difficult before they get easy. This is true for new jobs, new school programs, moving to a new place... it's usually true for marriage, having a baby, speaking about our faith, praying for others, forming new friendships...
The way to overcome the uncomfortable-ness? Press forward and get through it.

In the book of Acts, Stephen says that Moses was powerful in speech and action (Acts 7:22). Not because he proved himself with those great things he did later in life. No, Stephen was referring to Moses as a young man, before God even called him. God knew Moses was fully capable of what He was calling him to do, even though Moses thought he was totally inadequate. I like that. God knows best what we're capable of and called to, even though we might not feel comfortable about it in the beginning stages.

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