Thursday, May 5, 2011

Even more undignified than this

Now that I've been walking to work for a while along the same route, I'm beginning to notice the same people, animals, and patterns coming across my steps along the way. One boy, probably in junior high, is always dancing. He comes out of his apartment dancing. As he waits for his bus, he dances up and down the sidewalk. Sometimes he has a friend with him - he'll talk and dance at the same time. His friend doesn't seem to notice, just bobs his head and moves his eyes to keep track of his dancing friend.

My friends know that I hardly ever dance in public; they joke that I feign sickness whenever I feel pressured to dance. Since self-consciousness is one of my greatest weaknesses, I look at dancing as the absolute ability to block out any thoughts about what people think about me. Although I avoid it at all costs, I certainly admire it as epitomizing a character trait I am always working towards.

King David was able to dance like my neighbour, dancing boy, without caring about what people were thinking about him. He once danced in a huge crowd, practically naked, with all his might. When someone questioned the appropriateness of his behaviour, he said he was celebrating before the Lord and that he would become even more undignified than at that moment - he would be humiliated in his own eyes (2 Samuel 6). Now that's dying to yourself.

I have not yet obtained this disregard for my reputation, but I press on to take hold of that which Christ has called me to be (Philippians 3:12). I'm looking to live every moment with all my might, with less and less care for anyone else's eyes on me or thoughts about me.

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Rachaël & Étienne said...

I also like seeing people dance to the beat of their own drum, especially in unusual places :) I will think about David next time I decide to let loose!